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last updated at 2003-11-19 12:54
Wack: It's a revision of our older API, adding querying, remote models and model aggregation and renaming stuff here and there.
Wack: Comments are welcome!
dajobe: an RDF API
dajobe: if I was making a new API, I'd s/model/graph/ and s/statement/triple/ everywhere
dajobe: since the RDF model is a set of triples, which can be drawn as a graph
dajobe: "Adding, removing and copying of statements." ... void add (in uTriple s, in boolean v) ... "Adds a new statement to the model. " - umm?
Wack: I made a clear distinction between triples and statements; a triple is only statement if it's in the model/graph.
Wack: I was thinking of renaming Model to Graph as well, actually
dajobe: do it now, it helps people
dajobe: a triple is still a triple [3](URI | Literal | bnode) wherever it is
logger: See discussion
dajobe: he seems to have invented an XML triples syntax
dajobe: a slick looking & working site
dajobe: a RSS 1.0 feed of schemas
dajobe: !
dajobe: a few mime types for the rdf content would be nice
dajobe: a nice site
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