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last updated at 2003-11-17 19:31
dajobe: demo from asemantics, using data about the swade workshop amsterdam participants
dajobe: includes minor updates beyond N-Triples Plus that I haven't yet added to the latter
MarkB: nice, but I think Ntriples+N needs its own media type beyond text/plain
dajobe: it's hard enough getting people to use the right one for rdf/xml (yes we're registering it with the ietf)
CaptSolo: I am looking for RDF Authoring tools.
CaptSolo: In this article I've already included links to some resources, but I am looking for more ideas and resources.
CaptSolo: Feel free to add your comments.
libby_: RDFAuthor is one (works best with a mac)
libby_: foaf-a-matic and foaf-a-matic 2, RDFical-a-matic and a javascript events generator are all tools for creating specific vocabularies
libby_: Chaals' xforms for generating RDF of various kinds are also interesting
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