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last updated at 2003-11-13 21:46
grrrrr: openMosix is a Linux kernel extension for single-system image clustering. This kernel extension turns a network of ordinary computers into a supercomputer for Linux applications.
grrrrr: There is no need to program applications specifically for openMosix. Since all openMosix extensions are inside the kernel, every Linux application automatically and transparently benefits from the distributed computing concept of openMosix. The cluster behaves much as does a Symmetric Multi-Processor, but this solution scales to well over a thousand nodes which can themselves be SMPs.
grrrrr: omosix is slightly less efficient than say, distcc for deliberate distributed apps, but its feasable to boot discless onto a cluster with a low power machine, use omosix filesystem for as the meat of the system image, and operate on automatic or deliberate delegations of work on a much vaster pool of big iron machines.
grrrrr: within i quote: " In the short term, distribution of the underlying RDBMS may improve overall system performance. In the longer term, our goal is the development of a federated RDF store, although this raises many issues relating to the efficient implementation of sound and complete inference in a distributed environment."
grrrrr: this is a well within the realm of classic mobile agent platform solutions, while not promising sub-second retreivals, this paves the way for federated datastores with visiting mobile agents making the rounds to assemble criterion and results before returning home
grrrrr: the more i study the problem of large stores the clearer it seems to portray SQL semantics, and *QL's in general as intermediary stopgaps to an as yet unseen culture shift in data alignment for warehousing effciency
grrrrr: openmosix has had a profound influence on my viewpoint of what constitutes 'mobile agent' hosting, by virtualizing single machine processes, and allowing on-cluster remote invocations, the functional equivalence of aglets, hive, et al mobile agent technologies are met without an application layer as a necesary barrier to progress
Reading reccomendations for a 12hr flight
DanC-AIM: what's the coolest thing you've read lately?
jang: cheesy, but quicksilver is good. Do I lose points for recommending fiction?
LotR: not lately, but Crime and Punishment
DanC-AIM: I'm after stuff I can http:GET
DanC-AIM: status of this 12hr flight
MarkB: not recently, but out of control is a fun read
mmealling: Why is this perceived to be more effective than foaf
jang: ""
ericP: example showing expresivity of Algae2
ericP: particularly tricky corner case where RDF query has a disjunction with different set of joins in the different options
ericP: also demonstrates that the RDF query is a butt-load simpler than the SQL query... ergo RDF can be used to simplify conventional access to DBs for queries that are otherwise difficult to convieve of
ericP: bit of a write-up on it
ericP: query spanning a conventional relational DB and a triple store on the side
ericP: RDF query from conventional database
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