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last updated at 2003-11-01 13:46
danbri: "Summary: Learn how modeling languages can simplify the development of distributed applications."
danbri: "In this article, we present an argument for using modeling languages in conjunction with source code based on general purpose programming languages to reduce the complexity of software design and implementation, and to help ensure the use of best practices to reduce risk, cost and time to market, and to improve product quality."
danbri: " We'll introduce the idea of a family of inter-related, but individually specialized modeling languages the industry is calling domain-specific1 languages, or DSLs. We'll describe how such languages might be used, and the requirements this approach to modeling drives into development environments."
danbri: EricP's survey of Query and Rules RDF work
danbri: "grubstreet, the predecessor to OpenGuides, was conceived in early 2002 when I asked Earle Martin whether he knew of a London wiki..."
danbri: "Suppose I'd had the idea for this directed pub search but didn't have direct access to any OpenGuides data store? No problem — I can play with the RDF interface. Most OpenGuides pages have a link to an RDF version, and this includes the auto-generated pages like locale or category search results."
danbri: "I can send a query like;index_type=category;index_value=Pubs;format=rdf and then use RDF::Core::Parser to parse the returned RDF/XML and get the data that otherwise would have required CGI::Wiki calls."
danbri: This is nice work, and good to have a writeup. See RestaurantRecommendation in the ESW Wiki for more notes on this (probably under heading 'grubstreet') and the design of the RDF interface / vocabulary.
danbri: Hmm... "The RDF interface is also ideal for people interested in writing IRC bots..." (example of 'grotbot'). Wonder if Libby could add something to whwhwhwh too...
ericP: notes and examples on converting RDF queries to queries on heterogeneous database (RDBs with conventional tables and a generic triple store)
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