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last updated at 2003-10-31 22:08
JosD: Yesterday Guido defended his masters thesis in Utrecht with great success
JosD: especially interesting is the distributed reasoning capability via subqueries
JosD: also interesting is the fact that all known elements of an open set constitute a closed set
danbri: Congratulations Guido! :)
JosD: and an open set doesn't have a complement (according to Guido)
JosD: Guido's main thesis is that the SW needs a constructive logic
JosD: each triple must exist and must be verifiable (track source of triple, check namespaces,...)
JosD: Guido also believes he can fully simulate the travel agent case if he would have a few months
JosD: the main missing part for that is an interface to existing relational databases
JosD: an interesting result from the research is the "proof as program" (Chapter 6 Optimization)
JosD: another interesting one is the finding that the anti-looping technique is sound and complete (luckiily for Euler as well)
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