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last updated at 2003-10-30 16:55
do any RDF query languages have support for XML sub-queries in XML literals?
bijan: Not that I know of, but it's high on my list. It's a tricky tricky issue.
bijan: Though, it should be easy to add as a set of builtins to CWM's N3.
bitsko: The reason for asking this specific question is related to an "RDF data model vs. XML data model" discussion, where it was pointed out that certain forms of [meta]data are embedded in document markup and are not "visible" to RDF queries but are visible to XML queries.
DanC: mnot played with xpath built-ins for cwm
reagleBRKLN: Can Perl's Parrot execute Python bytecode faster than the python interpreter?
bitsko: Funny, I agree on every point heading, but the architecture sucks. Outside of a "central server", every point can be served with RDF.
ericm: by Lucas Gonze
ericm: This is an example of Creative Commons metadata in SMIL resources. The ideas are derived from an IRC chat between Mike Linksvayer, Jim Nachlin and Lucas Gonze. This document was authored by Lucas Gonze with help from Jim Nachlin. Comments and corrections are welcome.
ericm: Are you a technologist? Want to help build Creative Commons' vision of an alternative copyright into the infrastructure of the Net? Develop pioneering Semantic Web applications? You can help! Below you'll find several suggestions for applications we need help building.
danbri: A candidate for using rdf-ical or rss1+events...?
danbri: From ongoing IRC discussion in #deanspace (
danbri: Nearby, RSS1 event module, rdf calendar.
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