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last updated at 2003-10-29 23:03
DanC: by timbl in the last few days
DanC: hmm... compare/contrast with PieNt
DanC: among swap/grammar stuff
dajobe: earlier discussion that lead to ntriples+a few things (ntriplesplusn)
Wack: "Rx4RDF shields developers from the complexity of RDF by enabling you to use familar XML technologies like XPath, XSLT and XUpdate to query, transform and manipulate RDF. Also included are two applications that utilize Rx4RDF: Rhizome, a wiki-like content management and delivery system with wiki-like markup languages for authoring XML and RDF, and RDFScribbler, for viewing and editing RDF models."
Wack: Website seems to be bases upon some sort of Wiki, but all content is gone (?)
Wack: The rx4rdf sourceforge project page does work though...
DanC: I haven't read this, but I highly recommend sending XHTML as text/html. I haven't seen much harm.
DanC: I don't recommend not testing with a parser that ensures well-formededness. I recommend nxml-mode and Amaya.
DanC: under the heading of "Why using text/html for XHTML is bad" he says "Authors write invalid XHTML ...". That's not an argument against using text/html for XHTML; it's an argument against using text/html for stuff that isn't XHTML.
DanC: more nonsense: "If you ever switch your XHTML documents from text/html to application/xhtml+xml, then you will in all likelyhood end up with a considerable number of XML errors". There are no XML errors in XHTML documents.
DanC: further discussion resulted in revisions that close the gap somewhat.
danbri: See message from Chris Sukornyk on www-rdf-calendar.
Dorward: Currently non-functioning mod_rewrite voodoo to let user agents that understand XML but not RDF present a useful parse tree.
Dorward: Any help getting it to actually work would be welcome :)
Wack: Perhaps adding a 'Vary: Accept' header solves caching problems?
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