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last updated at 2003-10-28 23:07
JimH_: Mike Dean put slides of my ISWC talk on web (in HTML)
JimH_: thanks Mike!
ericP: no answers, just fairly comprehensive list of questions
JimH_: MINDSWAP group is experimenting with using RDF Contexts for Provenance as discussed in this article
JimH_: see Provenance Page for examples (scroll towards bottom and play with the filters)
DanC: -- a way to store your bookmarks
DanC: + social networking + aggregation + magic
DanC: er... can't find clues on how to use it
Some pointers on Web Service Composition using OWL-S
DanC: way, way cool.
DanC: give it some URIs and it gives you a nicely formatted bibliography.
DanC: e.g. QA-FRAME, XForms
dajobe: RFE: it should say "work in progress" for W3C WDS, if I recall the style correctly
DanC: yeah, I asked for that in a message to spec-prod
danbri: "The CIM/XML language is a language for representing power system models. It has been adopted by the utility industry body, NERC, as the standard for exchanging models between transmission system operators."
danbri: "CIM/XML is an application of the W3C's Resource Description Framework (RDF). It consists of a profile, sub-setting the RDF syntax and an RDF schema derived from the EPRI Common Information Model (CIM) for power systems."
danbri: Also a UML representation; worth noting for folks doing UML<->RDF work.
danbri: "The foundation for metadata interoperability is the Resource Description Framework. Using Jena and RDF, you can automate the generation of a Web-standard site map and increase your site's ability to communicate with other applications."
danbri: Cambridge, UK. Nov 5th.
sbp: by Libby Miller. being demoed on #foaf on Freenode, looks very cool
libby: it's a bit "proof of concept" ;)
sbp: But what other IRC bot can tell Earle Martin his co-depiction steps to Frank Sinatra, give back airport codes, knows paths, pics and details, and so forth all in one one great big blob of IRC botiness?
sbp: It makes me wonder whether it would be easy/possible to have an extensible Web service bot... a kind of wiki Web service bot
earle: Crikey.
libby: I was wondering that too (well not the wiki part) but adding services as you create them, until it becomes an all-powerful bot!
libby: I am slowly mining for cool things
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