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last updated at 2003-10-27 17:10
DanC: "Berners-Lee, whose home base is Boston, was in Silicon Valley to accept a Computer History Museum Fellows award earlier in the week."
dajobe: well, 2M of the 53M records, to start with
dajobe: site seems slow/down just now
DanC: any other records handy? should we expect traditional W3C style meeting records?
dajobe: there's a mess of irc logs, various people's text notes, since the networking was very unreliable. Don't hold your breath!
dajobe: in Japanese
danbri: Other RDF mentions in the same wiki.
dajobe: by Tim Berners-Lee; now online
dajobe: what was on irc at the time
danbri: See also all in one page version.
dajobe: funny, that's what I'm reading :)
danbri: "RDF Query plugs in wherever XML Query (or XPath) is used." is pretty contentious.
danbri: "imagine that there is a lot data..." :/
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