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last updated at 2003-10-19 13:36
DanC_jam: seems to be used by the SWSI language committee
DanC_jam: they use www-ws to communicate with the wider community
DanC_jam: nearby: SWSL Committee Statement of Mission and Objectives
DanC_jam: also SWSL Requirements Activity
DanC_jam: anybody read OWL-S 1.0 Beta?
chaalsNCE: I had forgotten it existed, but somebody found it and got to wondering if there was an RSS-type calendaring exercise out there.
libby: see newish RDFiCal workspace, wiki page, schema, testcases, draft summary documentation
libby: also some notes on identifying events and using RDFiCal with RSS 1.0
mortenf: Extracting tracklogs and waypoints from a Garmin Geko 201 and annotating images, based on the work of Matt Biddulph.
mortenf: Also with symbol-to-wordnet-term mapping.
danbri: I've just bought one too. Handy :)
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