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last updated at 2003-10-06 22:35
dajobe: desktop FOAF creator in Java. With Musicbrainz API
dajobe: Leigh's My life in RDF article reminded me of some of DanC's work
dajobe: including RDF, Musicbrainz, URIs for items.
DASL (WebDAV Query), XML Query, and all that
DanC: DASL home
DanC: also: XML Cover pages on DASL
Massimo: so anyway, the best place to refresh from is definitely
DanC: and from there the latest ID
DanC: draft-reschke-webdav-search-05 of October 2003. quite recent. expires April 2004, of course.
DanC: hmm... interactions with RDFQueryTestCases seem few and far between
DanC: hmm... SEARCH method and when to use GET
DanC: see also discussion
DanC: "DASL Charter - from the (now closed) working group"
Massimo: contact info:
DanC: W3C hosts www-webdav-dasl
DanC: e.g. recent message on future directions
DanC: Future direction for DASL/WebDAV SEARCH Jim Whitehead 29 Sep 2003
Massimo: A WebDAV Face-to-Face Interoperability Testing Event seems relevant too, concerning DASL support...
DanC: September 15-16, 2003 Santa Cruz, California
Massimo: Pointer to XQuery-home-page
DanC: FYI to JimW
hypertext histories and RDF schemas for HTTP
DanC: see discussion
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