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last updated at 2003-10-05 15:41
libby: see also norm walsh's RDFtwig
libby: #rdfig discussion
CS AKTive space tour
libby: also discussed signage
libby: #rdfig discussion
libby: see foafmobile
libby: and a writeup
libby: discussion on #rdfig
Sean palmer shows his python RDF api
libby: attending - Libby Miller, Damian Steer, Jim Ley, Kal Ahmed, Morten Frederiksen, Nick Gibbin, Sean Palmer, Dave Beckett
libby: libby's photos
mof-alice: morten's photos
JibberJim: Jim's photos (purely to joing the chumping extravaganza!)
mof-alice: seeAlso the day before and the day before that
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