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last updated at 2003-10-02 21:22
dajobe: curiously, related to D: today but co-incidental timing
dajobe: the RDF Net API from Ontopia, HP Labs
DanC: a major contribution to the WebDataInterfaceDesign topic
dajobe: presently I'm trying to save this from linkrot
dajobe: falco:, rssengine
dajobe: note it redirects you to an unsavable URL each time
dajobe: then try the 'linking options' page on the right
dajobe: to get 1) "MetaPress Direct Linking" and 2) "OpenURL"
dajobe: to me, neither of these seems likely to last longer than the link I just gave
dajobe: now at URI - does that look like it'll last?
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