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last updated at 2003-09-19 20:42
dajobe: a plugin for Protege-2000
dajobe: oh please: "beckham.owl ? A junk ontology that explains why David Beckham left Manchester."
dajobe: from a link nearby to protege OWL ontology library
danbri: This was before it became known by that name.
danbri: I still stand by this position, more or less...
HP labs BRS notes
DanC: see logs
DanC: I'm not there, but it seems libby, dajobe-lap, timbl are
libby: about 25 of us chatting about sweb/rdf/xml; semweb and web services; sharing sw vocabs; demonstrating value of sw
libby: and apis and query
DanC: is foaf:topic of msg from Stuart
karlcow: will work only in browsers with good CSS 2 support and in others will be completely ignored and showed as before.
sbp: ooh, I like it. I wonder where the CDATA hack comes from, too
ear1grey: a welcome eyesaver - much improved.
dajobe: partially inspired by this, I changed the chatlogs CSS somewhat. Removed the colour backgrounds to help accessibility. Added a bit more padding and re-hilighted nicks. actions and topics are emphasised
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