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last updated at 2003-09-18 19:18
dajobe: ok, the style isn't that new
libby: "To tackle image overload, the HP system captures information about images, called metadata, too."
ear1grey: some years back, at a large music festival in the westcountry, i was taken to wondering how many photographs I might have inadvertently wandered into, given that there were 100,000+ people at the event. At the time I thought how useful it would be to combing a GPS log of my locations with gps, direction and viewfinder information of each image - thus my holiday would not just be captured by my photos, but by the 100K other p
dajobe: a little "semantic markup" (html & css) and thoughts on recording things for people
danbri: I'm defintitely a supporter of using XHTML + conventions (class= etc) rather than abandoning HTML for a brand new XML doc format...
dajobe: XHTML2?
danbri: This basic approach works quite well on the W3C homepage, which is XSLT-converted into two flavours of RSS.
danbri: imho, if you're promoting an XML format for doc/data syndication on the public Web (rss/echo etc) you need a really really good excuse for not using either of XHTML or RDF (or a mix of both).
dajobe: but take care. You need to consider Escaped Markup: Still Harmful, Norm Walsh.
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