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last updated at 2003-09-13 22:43
danbri: "Opie (Open Palmtop Integrated Environment) is a completely Open Source based graphical user environment for PDA's and other devices running Linux."
danbri: Features include: "Data synchronization with Desktop PIM systems, such as KDE"
JibberJim: danbri said somebody wanted this...
JibberJim: Works with Mozilla based and IE browsers.
JibberJim: To use with other wiki's you'll need to host the wiki-bookmarklet page on the same domain.
danbri: data model in the 'data modelling' sense. Adopts foaf-like ontology w/ Agents, Documents etc (Edd Dumbill's influence :)
danbri: "Documents are things that agents create. Documents are digital artifacts that represent information in Sutra. The properties of the basic Document correspond well with both Nautilus and Web browsers. Nautilus displays document type, thumbnail, icons, and emblems, which compares well to format, thumbnail, logo, and topic respectively."
danbri: Interesting to see the 'foaf view' contrasted with the ontology implicit in the Gnome desktop environment...
danbri: Context: "Sutra is a proposed metadata database. It stores and retrieves data about local and remote resources such as files and people. Some properties are intrinsic to the resource, like image size or music artist. Other properties are external, such as filename or creator. Resource properties are discovered through incident, and attributed in an ad hoc fashion."
danbri: See the Storage Gnome project for more details. I forget which bit is called Sutra, which called Storage, but they're related...
An example XQuery over RDF using TreeHugger
shellac: declare namespace th = "java:net.rootdev.treehugger.TreeHugger"
shellac: declare namespace foaf = ""
DanC: Dan Connolly, Aug 2000
DanC: hmm... how about modifying this to append links to a wiki topic?
DanC: or perhaps a way of appending to wiki pages from email
danbri: Includes Perl code for appending to moinmoin and usemod wikis
danbri: I'd be happy to see an instance running in #rdfig; I sometimes run one myself in #foaf but haven't got the scripts to have it reconnect automatically.
mdupont: N3 file that describes the asts of python
mdupont: Will be used to create the python rdf dumper
mdupont: Also it kills the current cwm from cvs (bug reported)
danbri: See also original whitepaper and this earlier piece Rael and I wrote, both of which express concern "that unifying interfaces and protocols introduced by the World Wide Web get lost in the forthcoming P2P arena."
danbri: I've been out of touch with P2P search protocol work since then, wonder where things are up to...
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