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last updated at 2003-09-12 23:12
danbri: "Beyond the great wall of data on the Internet lies a goldmine for enterprises called the Semantic Web."
karlcow: You can be both... or at least I'm trying in my daily life :p
karlcow: I wonder if it's time to build an ontology about love
WillWare: Includes lotsa open-source software, assorted tutorials, and various related educational material (pdf lecture notes and the like) that I could find on related topics.
WillWare: Part of my internal sales pitch for putting RDF into cellphones
WebOnt test results, EARL, and provenance
DanC: cf browsable test results thread
chaalsMEL: EARL is a W3C draft for an RDF vocabulary that expresses conformance results
chaalsMEL: developed by the Evaluation and Repair Tool Group at w3c.
chaalsMEL: EARL has been implemented in several tools for testing accessibility (in the sense of conformance to WCAG) -
chaalsMEL: AccVerify and AccessValet are two commercial tools that spring to mind, WAINu is an open source tool.
DanC: "The important difference is that you have no notion of provenance in your model." writes charles. Indeed, we figured we could leave that out for now.
DanC: hmm... consider LX stuff as another angle on provenance?
danbri: See also postponed rdf core issue on quoting.
DanC: from Eve Maler's weblog
DanC: "One especially useful scenario for SAML is single sign-on (SSO), where a user can log in to one website but then proceed to use resources at a website in a different domain"
DanC: so... is SAML kerberos with pointy brackets? or does SAML also include public key auth? I'll have to study it some more.
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