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last updated at 2003-09-09 18:02
mdupont: This is cwm running a standard introspector file. notice how long it needs on emitting.
mdupont: Each function is timed.
mdupont: 2MB file
question from fidothe: I was wondering if there was a clear RDF framework winner in the 'I'm using python, and I'm an RDF newbie' category
libby: "<fidothe> I'm mostly interested in something which is pretty 'pythonic' - something with interfaces which I can get my head round. Reasonable performance would be nice, but initially I need to be able to figure out what I'm doing"
libby: some suggestions from the logs more welcome...
AaronSw: tramp makes rdf look like Python data structures
fidothe: the CLR project is an attempt to describe a large collection of images depicting public lettering
fidothe: The descriptions include information about the form of the letters, their relationship to archetypal and evolved letterforms, and their place in space (and time)
JimH: This Miller guy seems to understand this Sem Web Stuff :->
JimH: seriously, very interesting paper by Eric M.
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