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last updated at 2003-09-01 22:45
mdupont: Prolog C# P#
mdupont: This simple tool is able to extract the beginnings of an ontology from introspector dump files
mdupont: Here is an example for the DotGnu(TM) ILDASM global file ildasm_header_micront
mdupont: This tool allows you to mine out structures that would otherwise be lots of work to do by hand
mdupont: It should be applicable to other structures as well. I wonder how easy it will be to add in a cardinality extractor.
mdupont: This link might be really worth it for you RDFIG people
WillWare: Persuant to recent discussions about open/closed worlds, I tagged each triple with a negation flag, which differentiates between known-true and known-false.
sandro: I'm not sure what dmiles means by "RDF is claiming closed world constantly." If he can find a place in the Draft specs where it is, he should point it out to www-rdf-comments (or me first, if he wants).
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