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last updated at 2003-07-31 23:01
jimH_: converted the ISWC ontology into OWL, created special subclass of "ISWC Class" so we could display
jimH_: took the RDF out of header
jimH_: lots of hacks - but makes a nice OWL page display -- we cna now take anyone elses data and add as well - will eventually do that for as much ISWC metadata as we can get
jimH_: ain't the semantic web fun
jimH_: the RDF generated embeds the RDF as a comment in an HTMLdocumet.
jimH_: please feel free to send suggestions of a better way to do it to Peter Haase
jimH_: whose mailto: is listed in the page
jimH_: foo - they also link to a DAML instead of OWL ontology -- more bogosity
jimH_: oh crap - they don't generate correct RDF!! No namespaces used
jimH_: instead they simply use the xmlns "xmlns=""
jimH_: and then create instances as "<foo> ... </foo>" -- which claims all these URIs are in that document - yecch
jimH_: that's gotta be wrong, right?
dajobe: the issue about html comments is that stuff in there pretty much isn't in the document. Not even quoted.
dajobe: it didn't stop creative commons & Movable type sticking their RDF markup in there though. The latter use regexes to scrape it out
dajobe: so you can take an, "I see no metadata" view if you so desired
dajobe: the namespaces seem there, or at least the character data that looks like RDF has namespace-like declarations
mdupont: If you develop "enterprise" applications with Python, or indeed almost any sort of application with Python, PEAK may help you do it faster, easier, on a larger scale, and with fewer defects than ever before. The key is component-based development, on a reliable infrastructure.
danbri: From author of the just-published O'Reilly RDF book, a handy round-up of RDF stuff, tools, apps etc.
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