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last updated at 2003-07-30 21:44
mdupont: CVS of Peak Project, contains a set of very up to date XMI sources
mortenf: By Libby
mortenf: Based on Javascript Photo Annotator
mortenf: According to Libby a very cruftily coded event generator experiment (with various rdf services providing data through searches) - only works with moz and IE win
mortenf: issues: identifiers for events (e.g. search for one, add yourself to it)
mortenf: also - needs a clever backend database, that can work out that an event extende between its start and end dates
RDF Calendar agenda item G: Next meeting?
mortenf: We meet again on August 20th at 16:00 UTC
RDF Calendar agenda item F: skical optimeset
mortenf: Continuing action from Libby (see also logs)
libby: not discussed
RDF Calendar agenda item E: InterpretationProperties and time zones
mortenf: See esw wiki: InterpretationProperties.
mortenf: Continuing action from Libby
libby: not discussed
RDF Calendar agenda item D: Regression tests, round-tripping
mortenf: Continuing action from Morten
mortenf: See also some discussion in yesterday's log
libby: see timbl's comment
libby: action continues
RDF Calendar agenda item C: and prodid support
mortenf: Continuing action from Libby
libby: action continues action libby
mortenf: Agenda
mortenf: See also: mailing list archive, wiki pages and workspace.
mortenf: Morten present
libby: libby
danbri: danbri lurking
chaalsNCE: chaals is morelurking than here
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