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last updated at 2003-07-26 23:39
DanC_g: by Clay Shirky
DanC_g: 12/26/2002
DanC_g: sounds familiar
AaronSw: I was just reading another Shirky article where he talks about the power of conferene calls + IRC but gives credit to Joi Ito.
DanC_g: we do that regularly in W3C meetings; e.g. TAG in Vancouver
mdupont: The Arch project seeks to replace cvs and bitkeeper as a distributed revision control system
mdupont: This api was extracted from the c interface that defines a set of installable function pointers for implementations
mdupont: Each server can implement the functions as needed, I will be using dotgnu and swig to pinvoke the functions
mdupont: Then we can use a similar method for redland and arch in the linking of c libs to c# webservices
mdupont: Using arch as a way to share changes for a distributed rdf file system might be interesting
mdupont: the files in the arch system, the dreaded file handle, could be replaced by a redland::storage object
mdupont: that way, you dont have to deal with just any old file, but files whos types are known.
mdupont: swig contains support for c# in the cvs
mdupont: The pinvoke interface is here in RedlandPINVOKE.cs
mdupont: Redland.cs is a hand edited interface file to support Dotgnu Webservices , originally generated from the output of swig
mdupont: supports the concepts of : Session Archive Patch Revision Lock FileHandle
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