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last updated at 2003-07-12 17:08
danbri: Here's the draft rfc.
ericP: POSTed by someone whose name was a good test of our i18n
danbri: Looks like it has most of the same ingredients as !echo... a blob of content by somebody, about something...
danbri: The body / http:Body bit is the striping annoyance i ran into w/ rdfizing the !echo stuff
danbri: RDF striping is a pain in the butt -- main cause of verbosity.
danbri: Even if echopie doesn't adopt an RDF syntax for public use, I want to come up with an RDF graph view of the data model.
sbp`: Timothy Appnel did something similarish (NechoInDublinCoreOptionalRdf). it's amazing how RDFish some of the !Echo proposals are, such as AuthorRefs, though I guess that a lot of people are actively influenced by RDF these days
danbri: Maybe we could document the patterns that they have adopted which naturally fit w/ RDF. For eg., ElementOrderNotMeaningFul.
danbri: There has been a bit of interest in plugging in FOAF as a namespace. I'm loathe to encourage foaf's use in non-RDF XML, as could cause more confusion, but having an inverse-functional property for author of each weblog item would be cool...
sbp`: also: quick XSLT transformation for rdf-echopie to XHTML. example
danbri: See also live XSLT'd transform using the online xslt service at w3c.
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