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last updated at 2003-07-11 19:18
ericP: fairly lengthly query
sbp`: From the documentation: " is a standalone Python module in under 10KB that parses RDF/XML using SAX. It was written to be used as a simple drop-in module for larger projects"
sbp`: released under both GPL 2 and the W3C's software license (they're compatible)
sbp`: not intended to replace eikeon's much more comprehensive effort; doesn't bill itself as being a bug free parser, or fast, or anything like that. but it does follow the 23rd Jan version of the RDF/XML syntax spec. as closely as possible, and I have run it against some of the syntax test cases using an RDF graph isomorphism utility
sbp`: since it's just meant to be used as a quick drop-in, feel free to redistribute it in your own projects. if you patch it, please let me know
sbp`: contact details and further information are in the documentation
sbp`: hmm. I wonder if this is the smallest RDF/XML parser in any language to date?
danbri: Confirmed I have it running on my box very easily. Cool!
DanC: in palmagent is smaller, at 5k. probably much less complete, though.
DanC: I could use more documentation on the triple method; how are URI symbols distinguished from literals? and how are bnodes distinguished?
sbp`: good point; thanks. I've added some more documentation on the sink interface--basically they're NTriples terms passed as strings
danbri: Uses XUL and an RDF path language to build custom interfaces over RDF, see screenshots and Neil's weblog postings for details.
danbri: It currently runs on linux Mozilla. I tried it in Mozilla Firebird, installed but wouldn't run. Looks very promising though, worth investigating.
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