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last updated at 2003-07-03 12:42
qmacro: Mark Baker has a go at describing REST artifacts
qmacro: Helpful (to me) to see the modelling process
MarkB: actually, I'm just now turning this into a spec; working name "RDF Forms"
MarkB: "beating Web services over the head since 1999"
DanC_jam: hmm... rdf:Bag...
DanC_jam: s/rdfs:Domain/rdfs:domain/
DanC_jam: note in N3 you can shorten rdfs:subClassOf :Resource ; rdfs:subClassOf rdf:Bag to just rdfs:subClassOf :Resource, rdf:Bag
DanC_jam: hmm... redirectsTo... it's clear that some responses are redirection responses, but I dunno about saing R1 redirectsTo R2 for resources R1 and R2. hmm...
DanC_jam: eek! { :redirectsToPermanently rdfs:subPropertyOf daml:equivalentTo }??? I don't think that if my page redirects to yours that it follows that they have the same owner, privacy policy, etc.
DanC_jam: hmm... Deletable... again, I think I'd say that "some delete requests are authorized" rather than "some resources are deletable"
DanC_jam: hmm... I think of the range of ContentLocation as a message (e.g. HTTP reply) not of a representation
DanC_jam: hmm... might be fun to put this in shared world-writable space, ala the esw wiki
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