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last updated at 2003-06-11 20:01
DanC: by Bert Bos Jan 2003
DanC: ical2html-0.1.tar.gz
DanC: oh yeah; it coredumped when I tried to use it the other day.
bitsko: Collected links from the announcement of RSS in March 1999 up thru the release of the RSS 1.0 Proposal, August 2000.
bitsko: This release includes date, author, and subject for all the more substantive links in the discussion.
next meeting (agendum J)
DanC: RESOLVED: to meet next 25 Jun 2003, 1600Z.
libby: 2003-06-25, 1600UTC
RDF calendar agenda item (I): Chandler and RDF - Katie Capps Parlante
libby: more on Chandler
DanC: nearby: osaf architecture. RDF, ZODB, python, ...
RDF calendar agenda item (H) InterpretationProperties, esp as applied to timezones
RDF calendar agenda item (G): outstanding actions
libby: see last meeting record
libby: continuing actions: ACTION libby look at skical optimeset and report back; ACTION libby send a mail to rdf-interest on interprettatyon properties and datatypes...also the thing about a registry of xproperties in icalendar
DanC: continues: ACTION DanC: follow up in email about how folks should relate themselves to events they plan to attend. ical:attendee? cyc:socialParticipants? from 23 Apr
libby: 2003-06-11, at 1600UTC
libby: libby miller attending
DanC: last time: 14 May
DanC: nearby RdfCalendar wiki topic
danbri: Dan Brickley attending
DanC: Dan Connolly attending
RSwick: Ralph Swick attending
mortenf: Morten Frederiksen attending
timbl: Tim Berners-Lee attending
katie: Katie Parlante is here from OSAF
DanC: irc log
danbri: Mentions restaurant guide scenario; fodder for compare/contrast w/ approaches in esw:RestaurantRecommendation.
sbp`: a lot of terms in there that could've (possibly, depending on what range/domain they use) been reused frm other schemata. cf. BuildOrBuyTerms
bitsko: WARNING: this page is huge and full of tables.
this chump is now UTF-8 aware
edd: those with utf-8 enabled IRC clients will be able to take full advantage of that
danbri: excellent :)
danbri: Thanks Edd!
edd: there's fallback for latin 1 users, too, which should be automagic.
bitsko: whoohoo!
gromgull: Works with RAP RDF API
gromgull: Shamelessly ripped from Spb's python parser
danbri: Cool! Is there a complete list of N3 parsers (and their status) anywhere?
bitsko: Adds another session's worth of links, plus many authors and subjects.
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