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last updated at 2003-06-10 23:51
edd: I found this immensely helpful with setting up subversion. The stuff on CVS repository migration is very handy.
edd: fwiw, I installed svn from Debian sid
shellac_: There's probably a reason this isn't enabled for some phones
shellac_: so back up first.
edd: ... if you want to be transported back in time by one day :)
shellac_: Nothing to do with rdf, but I believe there may be some interest.
danbri_: Doesn't work for my P800 with lateset isync - i don't have the directory, nor file, mentioned.
edd: having made extensive research of the syncml stuff, i have to say it's really rather overcomplicated. the time is definitely ripe for a simpler implementation of synchronisation
edd: I've released version 0.5
edd: This does more or less everything the old foafbot did, but faster.
edd: It uses Redland's context aware triple store, and is written in Python
edd: grab the tarball (GPL license) or go to Freenode's #foaf channel to play
edd: read only access is available to the subversion repository
edd: viewcvs access is available too, for a slightly more sophisticated view on the source
sbp`: Uses the "bung RDF/XML in a comment" approach of EmbeddingRDFinHTML. regarded by some (many?) as broken
danbri: Not sure how to cross-reference this with an intro to RDF/XML (and hence FOAF) syntax.
danbri: nearby, RdfSyntax notes in ESW Wiki.
dajobe: looking for comments, help, suggestions
dajobe: we'd like to hold it in or near Amsterdam
verbosus: SymOntoS, a software system that stores and manages a domain ontology
Jhendler: would be a lot more useful if it could export the ontology to other tools (might I suggest OWL for the transport langauge?)
verbosus: Ontologies for interoperability in the tourism field.
verbosus: (warning: nasty Flash animation on the home page)
deltab: (skip Flash)
verbosus: Ontology Infrastructure for the Semantic Web
verbosus: Laboratory for Applied Ontology
chaalsROM: A running commentary on the Semantic Web Tour presentations in Rome today
chaalsROM: Very helpful for bad Italian speakers trying to follow, I am finding :)
chaalsROM: maybe the # on the URI is redundant
chaalsROM: They currently do some FOAF, lang data, codepiction information.
chaalsROM: There is a tarball you can run locally for example with X-smiles
bitsko: An early snapshot of gathered links on the development of RSS up to the release of RSS 1.0.
mdupont: an attempt at gathering the background and links on the idea of a skolem function
mdupont: feel free to edit
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