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last updated at 2003-06-09 21:11
shellac: RDF meets web services meets life sciences
shellac: I suspect this falls under the 'grid' category
Jhendler: front-end for querying the results of the DAML Crawler at the DAML site
Jhendler: possibly an example of what not to do in general purpose front-ends
Jhendler: but at least evocative.
Jhendler: Mike Dean stopped running the crawler a while back, not sure why -- it gives current date, but same results it found months ago
Jhendler: but still should have 5.8M RDF triples (from 21k web pages) so worth playing with
Jhendler: early work, Mindswap seeks ideas (esw wiki or elsewhere)
Jhendler: As has often been said, we should be able to use RDF to create HTML pages
Jhendler: and we thought we might play with homepages as an example
Jhendler: this uses the RDF from our MINDSWAP Owl web site although we want to do more
sbp`: Check out hometoxhtml.n3, and HTML in N3 for a couple of N3 approaches
Jhendler: particularly interested in integrating photos and content from other places
sbp`: lots of people use XSLT transformations for going from FOAF => HTML, too. using document(), one can probably retrieve stuff from external sources via rdfs:seeAlso, too
Jhendler: sure, but the idea here is to harness RDF pulled from many sites, against many schemas/ontologies and do it in some content (rather than format) based way
sbp`: also libby's SquishQL system has an output templating thingy, e.g. the EARL demo. can pull from multiple sources, but can't apply logic like CWM can
Jhendler: (work being done by Yarden Katz)
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