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last updated at 2003-06-06 21:05
danbri: (I don't have access to the IEEE archives. Another reason to get a Bristol Uni library card...)
danbri: "We use standard linear-time temporal logic to specify cryptographic protocols, model the system penetrator, and specify correctness requirements. The requirements are specified as standard safety properties, for which standard proof techniques apply. In particular, we are able to prove that the system penetrator cannot obtain a session key by any logical or algebraic techniques. We compare our work to Meadows' method. "
danbri: "We argue that using standard temporal logic provides greater flexibility and generality, firmer foundations, easier integration with other formal methods, and greater confidence in the verification results."
danbri: Ah, the citeseer entry links to a pdf version
jeen: Sesame 0.9.1 bugfix release
danbri_: Runs as a local irc server. Thx to NTK for the link.
danbri_: Anyone tried it?
DanCon: discussion of the (newish) Sidekick XMLRPC interface. woohoo!
DanCon: incl conversion to XML and .ics
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