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last updated at 2003-06-05 16:02
bijan: Comments from RDFers welcome
danbri: "Comments welcome. /Roger"
danbri: You can apply online! But guess what they do with your electronic submission...?
danbri: "This is a secure site designed to help customers correctly complete a passport application form on screen. Please note: This online application form cannot be downloaded or printed out as it must be printed using specialist inks to very accurate scale and register. The UKPS forms containing your details will be automatically scanned into the passport generating system."
danbri: "An ordinary desk top printer, operated from a PC, cannot be guaranteed to meet the exacting register required by the sophisticated scanner which is used to input your details into the system. In addition, the inks used on an ordinary printer would generate confusing data causing severe delays in the processing."
danbri: Nearby this is on my SemWeb wishlist. And as my latest passport is falling apart (thanks to Hungarian imigration for probing it to destruction) I'm revisiting this bureaucratic mess...
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