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last updated at 2003-06-04 18:06
dajobe: patch for 0.4 for newer redland API - post contexts that is. NOT WORKING.
dajobe: Apply the patch with: cd foafbot-0.4; patch -p1 < /path/to/patch
danbri: The original Semantic Web vapourware
DanCon: I'd like to play with this... would be my first foray into C# and dotgnu
DanCon: nearby: esw:CSharpRDFTools
dajobe: mdupont's redland c# work from Dec 2002
mdupont: Introspector RDF api
sbp`: "The overall objective of the challenge is to apply 'Semantic Web Techniques' in order to build an online application that integrates, combines, and deduces information needed to assist users in performing tasks."
bitsko: A page on the RSS Profile Wiki for testing RSS Profile conformance.
DanCon: the discussion of How should HTML content be represented? is interesting... differences of opinion, civil discussion, participation from folks I want to hear from
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