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last updated at 2003-06-03 23:45
danbri: I think this is the point that Squish dlverged from the RDFdb implementation (and -> RDQL)
danbri: Is anyone still hacking on RDFdb? Worth bringing it up to date?
danbri: I just mailed the rdfdb list to ask if Guha or others still interested in working on it.
danbri: I wonder what format they use to represent the smuttyness of (regions of) the DVD. PICS, SMIL, TimedText, RDF, XML all seem relevant.
danbri: But they probably use a binary representation of s-expressions... (or mpeg7?)
danbri: I'm looking around moviemask's forums to find out if there's a way to share their 'mask' files...
danbri: hmm pianist maskfile, but my trial account 'doesnt have download privileges'
DanCon: starting with blue valley baseball schedules, esp BB1.doc, the 1st grade schedule...
DanCon: we use wv to convert to BB1.htm, and HTML4 version
DanCon: then we use html tidy to get BB1.html, in XHTML
DanCon: then thru leagueSched.xsl to get BB1.rdf, the data for all the teams in RDF
DanCon: ... using the cyc time vocabulary plus a few made up terms (e.g. l:coach)
DanCon: then thru cwm with teamCal.n3 rules to (a) select just our team's games (keyed off coach's name) and (b) relate to RDF calendar vocab to get justinCal.rdf
DanCon: finally, thru to get justinCal.ics
DanCon: ... which is grokked by evolution and apple's iCal. (though I think it's missing some timezone details)
DanCon: along the way, I added duration support in
DanCon: wow... nifty flash stuff
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