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last updated at 2003-05-30 03:27
bitsko: "Issue-Based Information System (IBIS) is a methodology for discussing and exploring "wicked problems," problems that are not well understood and that have no straightforward answers. Invented by Horst Rittel and colleagues in the 1970s, IBIS provides a simple grammar for mapping conversations. The grammar consists of questions (issues), possible solutions (ideas), and arguments (pros and cons) for and against an idea."
bitsko: "These modules provide a graph-like data structure for representing and manipulating IBIS conversations. Currently, it can import QuestMap files, and export into XML and a variety of graphical formats (using AT&T's GraphViz software)."
bitsko: From Walsh, it should not be surprising that his weblog entries are in DocBook XML. What is a treat, though is how he extracts and uses RDF from the DocBook.
bitsko: The RDF and FOAF pages also include XSLT stylesheet instructions for browsers that support them. Very nice!
the chump bot mangles... is it Unicode?
bitsko: see the quotes in the item below (Norm Walsh on RSS and RDF)
bitsko: could be my IRC client too, who knows.
edd: yes, this instance only understands latin 1. however, i've got one in testing (we trialled it on the www2003 chump) which groks utf-8 as well
edd: i will shortly be upgrading this chump to said version
bitsko: "What does this have to do with RSS? I have a possibly odd RSS application: I use RSS to keep track of my schedule. I have an “RSS feed” that shows me my todo items, upcoming calendar events, and some other stuff."
bitsko: "My problem is that “almost RDF” formats are a pain in the ass, just like all the other “almost” formats you've ever encountered. Yes, the transformation to RDF is easy with XSLT, but it's still an extra step."
bitsko: "From my perspective, the added complexity of RDF in RSS seems pretty minor and the payoff is less irritation for me. I call that a win. But I'm prepared to believe my perspective is a bit skewed."
bitsko: sample output
bitsko: a related article noting Ka-Ping Lee's work with CritLink and the Foresight Institute
bitsko: Zest proposal
bitsko: a more colorful example
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