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last updated at 2003-05-24 15:56
zool: whose is it?
zool: more about navimap and SVG - commercialised
danbri: "... a website to facilitate the SMBmeta initiative. The initiative was started by Interland to try to help small and medium-sized businesses provide information to search engines and directories in an open and distributed way so that customers can do more complete searching."
danbri: More technical details and weblog also available.
danbri: I like the emphasis on small businesses. I suspect SemWeb (or at least FOAFish side of it) will prove its worth to small, local businesses quite some time before big businesses see much of a win from it.
danbri: The intro has many sensible things to say, although I am less inclined towards having tasks split so chunkily across different .xml files: this is all about data integration, and RDF provides that bit of the 'file format' puzzle.
Jhendler: looks like it would contain SW criticisms
chaalsBUD: Uses libby's database and squish query
chaalsBUD: All I need now is something that lets humans actually record the relevant data
WWW2003 Semantic Web Developers Day coverage available in #www2003
edd: come and join us
JibberJim: An RDF interface to the Ryanair and jetblue booking systems
JibberJim: e.g. Flights from JFK to FLL on jetblue.
JibberJim: Route data for the airlines also available e.g. Ryanairs
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