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last updated at 2003-05-23 18:00
alberto: Aaron Swartz RDFPath attempt
alberto: see also old Stefan work
ericP: take a glance before the Budapest BOF #2
random empirical insight about pervasiveness of RDF
edd: the web stats make interesting reading. highest traffic articles show XML trends. for ages it was the "What is XML?" article dominating
edd: 2 years ago the "What is XML Schema?" article came up to join it
edd: These two are still the most popular. But the third is now RDF, which has overtaken XSLT.
DanC: in which Altheim and Hayes go over XML markup and semantics
DanC: one message in a large thread, actually.
WWW 2003 Conference Day 3 - please drop in on #www2003
dajobe: yet more. Now, the community is small because it sends lots of email, work that one out.
danbri: Says plenty of sane things, though could tone down the curmudgeonlyness...
danbri: I don't find the ntriples-in-xml stuff easy to read...
dajobe: it's not even ntriples-in-xml. Frames (again, like rdf/xml) and incomplete coverage of all RDF graphs
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