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last updated at 2003-05-10 18:08
zool: Walrus is a tool for interactively visualizing large directed graphs in three-dimensional space
zool: it has a stunning gallery
zool: requires java3d though :/
danbri: Anyone got working yet?
danbri: Product info on 'Seamark', an 'enterprise navigator for digital information and components'.
danbri: There are a couple of interesting marketecture white papers up there (PDFs) on technology (RDF) and semantic web search issues, explaining what they've been up to. Looks good.
danbri: Using graphviz. Just PNG output for now.
danbri: Primary relationships are 'is drawn on significantly by'; blue dotted links conflate 'draws partly on' and 'uses'. Work in progress.
danbri: See source files for detail.
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