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last updated at 2003-05-07 21:35
DanC: "updated and now supports the Last Call Working Draft specifications issued by the RDF Core Working Group, including datatypes"
DanC: "based on Another RDF Parser (ARP). It currenlty uses version 2-alpha-1"
DanC: "a new zoomable representation of the graph is available by selecting option IsaViz/ZVTM (Dynamic View)"
DanC: "The WebOnt and RDFCore WGs are all snarled up over the details of using XML language tags in text values, and the details of integrating text values with datatype expressions. Discuss. ;-)"
ericP: defines names like http://airline.wsdl/ticketagent/#message(listFlightsRequest)
DanC: hmm... "11. Writing XCL documents shall not require invention of new XML markup."
DanC: that answers a question I asked in esw:SelfDescribingWeb
DanC: I'm not sure I grok termRef. Otherwise, it looks pretty straightforward. (I used "XFormula" as a name for a pretty similar design, though I didn't flesh it out)
DanC: cited from wiki topic: esw:ServiceDescription
DanC: May 2003, Paul Graham
DanC: "This is not a problem for big companies, because they don't win by making great products. Big companies win by sucking less than other big companies."
DanC: "I have a benchmark for this, because I once had to leave a board meeting to have some cavities filled. I remember sitting back in the dentist's chair, waiting for the drill, and feeling like I was on vacation."
DanC: "You learn to paint mostly by doing it. Ditto for hacking." Amen!
AaronSw: a subway map for metadata standards
AaronSw: "Orange line -- still images. JPEG station: stand clear of the doors. Next stop, HyTime -- change for the Text Line."
DanC: hmm... sure wish my desktop were SVG-happy
DanC: To the tune of "Piano Man" by Billy Joel Filk by Scott Taylor
DanC: chuckle!
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