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last updated at 2003-05-06 20:44
DanC: amk, 12-Apr-2003
DanC: hmm... esw:SoftwarePackaging
DanC: where should one send comments?
AaronSw: I think that PEP discussion usually takes place on comp.lang.python/python-list with the "PEP NNN:" in the subject line.
AaronSw: see also Python Package Index (PyPI), a web app based on this format
crysflame: Useful for people exposing SQL databases of, say, 288,839 triplets made from 468,475 things, to RDF people for queries.
crysflame: <foaf:email> represented as knowbot triplets:
crysflame: "this is insane, why do people do this"
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