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last updated at 2003-04-30 22:52
jhendler: |DAML and topic maps stuff
jhendler: Niklita Ogievetsky, Cogitech, Inc. presentation at knowledge technologies 02
jhendler: probably been chumped before, but this is first I saw it
jhendler: based on some DARPA sensor work
jhendler: specialized for accoustics sensors in acoustic sensor ontology
jhendler: perhaps this will help in marking up the photos of Libby's lunch
jhendler: see also the OWL wine ontology
jhendler: type the name of a class or property, get a string match to all such in the library (about 200+ ontologies)
jhendler: various tools to see the ontologies are there -- the OWL button runs convertToOWL which is slgithyl out of date, but close enough for now
danbri: For harvesting rdf via seeAlso traversal
danbri: See also ScutterSpec
Next meeting
danbri: RESOLVED, meet again 2003-05-28 1500 UTC, #rdfig. Agenda to include WWW2003 debrief and ACTION status from todday's actions.
DanC: regrets DanC
crysflame: The GeoURL links are interesting :)
(H:) Semantic Web Developer Map: representing locations of people, research groups and projects
AGENDA (G:) Heads up from zool re noderunner and nocat developments
zool: nocat maps, example output from mapserver; nice things that can be done with open-source GIS; outputs PNG, but SVG output is near-future plausible
zool: noderunner, the wireless node annotation adventure game, of which planning a london version
zool: sketch of noderunner rdf to be built into mudlondon's API
zool: graphviz-ualisation of a noderunner route - comments apprec.
zool: socialfiction
zool: psychogeographic association
zool: psygeocon
zool: blogosphere
danbri: aside re weblogs, I made a quick note on foaf and weblogs recently..
(F:) Geo/SVG/etc project idea brainstorm and wishlist
danbri: See Msg from Charles re student project ideas).
(E:) Relationship to GML
danbri: see writeup from Chris Goad (email msg)
mortenf: seeAlso InterpretationProperties regarding conversion issues.
chrisgoad: updated the notes about my obvious proposal; 2nd paragraph now states it concisely
chrisgoad: about interpreted values vs interpretation properties
danbri: ACTION ChrisGoad (with MortenF) to propose next steps re showing interop between GML and RDF/SVG-based systems.
danbri: Extra points for sample data / examples...
danbri: Mentioned SVG 'cos its from the W3C family of happily-interoperating specs :)
danbri: Hopefully relevant re polygons and suchlike
chaasBRS: For porting SVG into RDF see the work of Jim Ley on image annotation
danbri: see notes for more SVG/RDF experiments (SVG overlays on photos rather than maps)
danbri: see chat logs
danbri: Wishilist: I started hacking a PalmOS app for creating Geo-ready records in Calendar, MemoPad etc. for my Visor+GPS. I even wrote C! But I never figured out how to create a new Memo doc (with some geo-related data in it as primer).
danbri: Idea being that someone with Palm+GPS could easily write restaurant reviews or whatever in memos or calendar, and scoop it off the device later. Possible student project in doing that properly. But maybe gadgets have moved on.
danbri: I do think restaurant recommendations (in text, audio, photos etc too) is a good Geo use case. Also links to people data (FOAF etc), eg find me recommendations from (other) lactose intollerants / vegans / meat eaters
chaasBRS: A work in progress on mapping the globe (not RDF based, but a fun thing nevertheless. Even without Greece in it :)
danbri: Conversation continued post-meeting, see irc logs.
AGENDA (D:) Libby's SVG demo
danbri: Libby's SVG demo.
libby: SVG+js (based on Jim Ley's code Bus and train route visualization
libby: what I want to do with bus/trai data
danbri: Background on W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): it's W3C's XML based language for 2-d graphics in XML.
danbri: Ted (tguild) pointed me at this piece on taxis and gps earlier.
libby: RDf example
AGENDA (C:) - review actions
libby: actions email
danbri: Continuing action DanC discussion of time/place/people/documents/money.
danbri: DanC isn't here, but I can say a few words. Last time we discussed setting up a general forum for RDF/SW vocab discussion rather than a new w3c-hosted geo specific list. After discussion I believe it was decided not to do this while the new Semantic Web Activity (phase 2) is being designed...
danbri: In particular, a new Semantic Web Interest Group charter is being drafted for discussion.
libby: perhaps use this Geo list instaed?
danbri: In meantime, we have (see J:) Joshua's new list, and possibility of hosting a SW/RDF geo vocab list at W3C.
danbri: Continuing ACTION danbri produce some sample chef-moz based data using onion + wgs_84 vocab
danbri: I didn't get much done on this, got sick last week. I did get my harvester to slurp up all the Grubstreet data (incl geo stuff) though.
danbri: No progress from libby on chefmoz opening hours format. Continued.
danbri: DanBri GeoOnion draft up for comments.
danbri: COMPLETED ACTION: libby translate a sample bus timetable... (see D: item)
crysflame: that's 7am, for the pacific west coast people who can't do math that early
danbri: Attending...
danbri: Dan Brickley
zool: jo walsh
libby: Libby Miller
mortenf: Morten Frederiksen
crysflame: Richard Soderberg
chrisgoad: Chris Goad
mattb: Matt Biddulph
hiramatu: Kaoru Hiramatsu
chaasBRS: Charles McCathieNevile
chaasBRS: Cédric Kiss
earle: Earle Martin
tguild: Ted Guild
DanC: regrets from DanC; neglected to integrate this into my schedule
danbri: See also full chat logs
danbri: (from, in case you were curious)
danbri: Hmm a 'where I found this' convention in chump might be useful, so people could reveal their sources.
DanC: nifty... hmm...
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