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last updated at 2003-04-26 23:04
danbri: "Syncal reads a current ical calendar file, an archived ical calendar file from the last time syncal was run, and a Palm device DateBook database and reconciles them. It creates a new ical calendar file which replaces both the current and archived ones and updates the Pilot DateBookDB to coincide with them."
danbri: Thinking about Sync'ing... hurts. I'm downloading this to see if it does what I think I want it to do.
danbri: GPL'd.
danbri: Time passes. Well, it built. Once I backed out of the debian-installed pilot-link tools and rebuilt/installed latest by hand.
danbri: It also says "a version of ical later than 2.0 is necessary."
danbri: I don't know what this means, but the url it gives is dud and unknown to google. Anyway it built. Maybe they mean the ics/icalendar C library...?
danbri: So I got 'cant find libpisock' errors when I tried running; installed that, now the darn thing won't build. Bleh.
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