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last updated at 2003-04-22 22:29
danbri: Yet more evidence that RSS needs a careful, formal, specification.
danbri: "RSS is no longer a science experiment, it's becoming an important part of the infrastructure, which means that a lot of programmmers are going to get the assignment of generating and parsing it, and they need better instructions."
Wack: Mozilla SVG Project
libby: still in progress, comments very welcome
libby: see in particular various queries and SVG demos
libby: the aim is to get people to create data even if we're not completely sure about the best way of doing it...
libby: some of the clientside SVG/js doesn't seem to work in Batik here's maybe why - it uses adobe extensions
JibberJim: Batik should work with it, must be some regression errors in my RDF parser, or 1.5b5 has different set of bugs/features. I'll look into it.
danbri: "A friend of mine likes to say that the semantic Web isn't a destination, it's a journey. I'm starting to see how to take the first few baby steps."
shellac: First release of OSAF PIM
shellac: Uses RDF
shellac: Available for Linux, Windows XP and OS X
shellac: Chandler (IIRC) is a prototype written in Python using wxWindows
shellac: "Item Repository and Strawman Schema: For the 0.1 Release, we have a simple item store, persisted using ZODB. We'll also have a strawman schema for Chandler, basically just a starting point:"
shellac: "# Items will persist in a local repository
shellac: " The chandler schema will be defined in python, which could in theory generate RDF
shellac: We'll describe the strawman schema in RDF/XML as well
shellac: The schema can be altered at runtime
shellac: "
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