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last updated at 2003-04-21 22:45
danbri: one comment raises good question, "How are sites that offer a Semantic Web interface such as RSS supposed to bring in revenue? They can't rely on advertising because the machines that browse the Semantic Web cannot be trusted to deliver advertising to a human eyeball?".
danbri: RDF-based spec for er hooking weblogs together, um, somehow. Publish and subscribish stuff?
danbri: On danbri's reading list.
danbri: "2.191.139 addresses with latitude and longitude"
DanC: mapping to wordnet is cool...
DanC: e.g. SUMO doesn't include 'latitude' as such, but a sumo search for latitued relates it to PlaneAngleMeasure
jhendler: A good example of my contention that mapping ontologies will be useful in the semWeb
danbri: A little harvester bot for UAProfile CC/PP data
danbri: Bloated out by workarounds for rdf:Bag
danbri: Using vaguely Cwm-ish API I was hacking on yesterday
bijan: Someone, at some point, somewhere which may be here, was looking for something that may, or may not, have been like this.
bijan: If that's you, here you go.
DanC: uses reification for giving time-scope to facts, as I recall
DanC: nearby DAML country codes
DanC: another cia world factbook in DAML by the KSL folks
DanC: Jan 2000 thread in www-rdf-interest. so esw:PropertiesForNaming is an honest-to-goodness FAQ, not just an artificial Q&A
DanC: a reply says "We didn't do it with RDF, but with "plain" XML. We are thinking about modelling it as a "Topic Map" ( I think there is no benefit in pressing all the information into the tripples of RDF."
danbri: Wonder how Damian did it...
DanC: OASIS published subjects TC seems to have IRC meetings
DanC: e.g. on 3 Apr
danbri: "Just released: version 0.1 of an RDF crawler (aka scutter) using Java and Jena that spiders the web (following rdfs:seeAlso) gathering up RDF data and storing it in any of Jena's backend stores (in-memory, Berkeley DB, mysql, etc). It does multithreaded downloading, and retains provenance information which it uses to maintain consistency over multiple runs."
danbri: XSLT'd from the original XHTML for purposes of having an RDF harvest-able list of seeAlso pointers to the profiles.
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