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last updated at 2003-04-20 21:20
danbri: Now using the Camera ontology discussed in www-rdf-logic/-interest lately.
danbri: includes query scenarios that drawl on OWL semantics
danbri: Pretty rough, more questions than answers, but its um making me think, so that's good. Maybe I'll even read the Cwm docs...
danbri: Could probably do the same around EricP's perl stuff...
danbri: I did a bit more, few more tests etc...
danbri: with xml feed from Ananova of tv listings. Candidate for scraping into ESW:RdfCalendar ?
for RDF Query requirements
danbri: My RDF harvesting-based apps, where data is partial, fragmented and merged from multiple sketchy sources, suggest that an RDF query language SHOULD/MAY/??? allow for specification of optional matches in graph templates...
danbri: In practice, this manifests itself in my building apps through repeated, speculative API calls, instead of via more rigid graph-match specifications via Squish/RQDL
danbri: Comments anyone? Am I alone in finding this?
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