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last updated at 2003-04-15 23:38
danbri_: In this case www-rdf-interest.
danbri_: Once I get the recipie right, I'll look into feasibility of running it across a whole load of lists.
danbri_: Right now its just titles and urls. I need code (suggestions?) for summarising mail into a paragraph for the 'description' element.
danbri_: Also note that the URL above is uncool (I'll likely delete the snapshot file), and, let me stress this, NOT a live RSS feed.
danbri_: I'd like to add other namespaces to the feed, eg. mail-related vocab, foaf (mbox_sha1sum?) for sender, syn vocab for update frequency, etc.
danbri_: Suggestions etc welcome. --
danbri_: It works in NetNewsWireLite; haven't tested more widely yet.
danbri_: Oh, the message numbers are in the 'title' temporarily, for debugging.
danbri: OK, I made a few more feeds, and begun moving this to more stable w3c hosting...
danbri: (Should've googled before picking the name. Ho hum)
danbri: "Every day, every week, dozens of conferences, workshops and other events are announced using W3C's many public mailing lists."
danbri: "For developers and researchers interested in Web technology issues, these can be both useful and frustrating. It is hard to keep track of everything that is going on, and time consuming to manually convert event announcements into calendar records for personal and group use."
danbri: "This Announce-O-Matic project is an experimental effort to explore the automation of such tasks. It should be possible to offer some guidelines for event announcements to support automatic extraction of summaries from email messages, either through a machine-readable attachment (eg. ical) to the announcment email, or through conventions for writing event descriptions in a form that can be interpreted by both humans and machines."
danbri: I'm starting to snoop around in the www-rdf-interest archives, to see if hacks'n'heuristics will get us a list of things-that-are-probably-conference-announcements...
danbri: I might s/-o-matic/-o-tron/ if I can be bothered. Google hasn't heard of that...
dajobe: describes image plus collections of multiple thumbnails
dajobe: relative URLs in the rdf:about are a bad idea generally
DanC: relative URLs are a good idea, generally
danbri: Hmm, 'free membership'. I can't read any articles without signing up. Ho hum, maybe another day..
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