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last updated at 2003-04-09 21:14
DanC_jam: iw.daml
DanC_jam: and proof spec
jhendler: DAML Joint Comm draft
ericP: tailored for the DAML/DQL folks
Opening hours validation idea
danbri_fr: problem statement: restaurants could use rdf/xml to represent their opening hours in .rdf on their websites.
danbri_fr: But, they're unlikely to keep it up to date, even assuming they can author it in 1st place.
danbri_fr: 3rd parties (chefmoz, Grubstreet etc) could try to do this too.
danbri_fr: But the restaurant is likely to know better than others when it is open.
danbri_fr: So idea of a validation strategy, if a 3rd party eg a wiki says 'it is open 8am-10pm' and the site of the restaurant/shop/pub says '8am-11pm' throw up a warning
danbri_fr: So finds a balance between trusting random 3rd party sites, while ack'ing that they are likely to be also sometimes more up to date than the restaurant's own site.
danbri_fr: bit of web of trust pragmatism...
cal/geo usecase 2: describing a journey
cal/geo usecase 1: opening hours of a thing that has a place
libby: for example danbri's OpeningHoursUseCase
danbri_fr: in the opening hours example, I wrote (unconvincingly) that a Shop had a specific lat/long location. I'm looking for the property name to put in there, either 'near' or 'within100M'
libby: ACTIOn libby write a converter from chefmoz opening housr format to rdf calendar format (or icalendar format maybe?)
libby: ACTION danbri_fr to have a draft of the 'concentric circles' within100m schema/vocab for next week
geo/calendar usecases
libby: bus and train etc timetables
JibberJim: I want to describe my journeys around the world so I can ask where I was on a date, and how much it cost to do a particularly journey. So mostly for archive storage of my travels.
libby: zool - route map... showing people wandering about london, points annotated with pictures... the pictures inherit space and time properties from the journey
chaals: In Hejri calendars various time events start according to when the moon is visible (which is fundamentally connected to place)
zool: walking guides, routeplanners - time and distance from A to B via C
libby: danbri: a specific building with a street address, opening hours and lat/long attributes Opening housrs use case
zool: maps of phenomena - the spread of an idea or a disease - moving through space in time
libby: DanC's mail to www-rdf-calendar about modelling various calendar/geo examples
rdf calendar chat participants
libby: Libby Miller
JibberJim: Jim Ley
zool: jo walsh
timbl: Tim Berners-Lee
emmit: Eric Miller (lurking)
chaals: Charles / Chaals (lurking I think)
libby: agenda
danbri_fr: Dan Brickley, W3C.
re-using RDF vocabularies
chaals: First, catch your rabbit^H^H^H^H^H^H RDF Schema that covers things you want to talk about.
chaals: Then if there are things defined there that you would have used, just use them instead - mixing namespaces according to the XML spec for doing so
timbl: Check the DAML ontology registry and submit new ontologies there
bitsko: If I want to put a restriction on the property, I should create my own property and, at some point, relate the two with a schema, correct?
chaals: That would seem to me the smart thing to do.
DanC_jam: see also VocabularyMarket, BuildOrBuyTerms
mortenf: seeAlso eikeon's RDF Schema Info, Gathering Information about RDF Ontologies, based on scuttered metadata.
#rdfig - where loose talk costs t-shirts...
danbri_fr: Interesting. Did you look any further into mapping these into XML query / xslt functions and operators spec? the builtins i mean...
timbl: Explaining some recent bugs and possible incompatabilities
RDF calendar meeting today at 1500UTC
libby: 1500UTC is 1600 London, 1100 Boston, 1700 Paris and so on...check this link for other locations
libby: we're going to chat about geo and calendar relationship and examples
libby: agenda, see that thread for more on this topic
danbri_fr: I'd like a couple agenda minutes to talk about an opening-hours validation idea.
libby: next calendar meeting 1500 utc, 2003-04-23
libby: next GEO meeting 1400UTC 2003-04-16
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