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last updated at 2003-04-02 23:07
danbri_lap: Summary: moving to focus on Phoenix, slimdown, keeping XUL-based UI, tighter control over checkins etc.
danbri_lap: by Bill Venners
danbri_lap: "For social programming to work, specifications must in theory be strictly adhered to by both providers and consumers. But some systems seem to work in practice with loose adherence to specifications, systems in which sloppy providers and forgiving consumers are the norm. How important is strict adherence to contracts? "
danbri_lap: This, recast somewhat, could be a good argument for XML wellformedness + namespaces as a flexible baseline, with RDF providing some scruffy-friendly structure on top of that...
danbri_lap: But I don't like all these noises I'm hearing lately about illformed "XML" being an acceptable thing to publish, citing RSS as motivation...
jhendler_: Dated April 1, 2003
dajobe: partial implementation in PHP/MySQL
syncML and RDF
DanC: libby got a p800, which caused DanC to wonder about SyncML in the opensource/debian/linux world
DanC: dajobe reports: Parts are already in the kernel, in debian and in gnome or p800 developers near here are working on them.
DanC: e.g. sync4j
jhendler_: This RFP seeks a specification of a MOF2 Metamodel, UML2 profile, and
jhendler_: any additional information needed to support:
jhendler_: 1 - Development of ontologies using UML modeling tools
jhendler_: 2 - Implementation of ontologies in the W3C Web Ontology Language OWL
jhendler_: 3 - Forward and reverse engineering for ontologies.
DanC: brain dump of relevant stuff: ESW:UML and OWL
timb|: Send additions/updates/corrections to tools at
DanC: a daml/rdf/xml version is available too
timb|: I would like to see a rough categorization betwen commercial and academic projects, as now people are looking for serious products.
jhendler_: (DAML -> DAML+OIL -> OWL ) for those not tracking ontologies on the web...
DanC: cited from tools section of WebOnt WG now.
timb|: When someone tells you about the next cool tool, make sure they have sent it to this list.
jhendler_: web site entirely driven from ontologies and RDF data, using lots of RDF tools
jhendler_: authorable in N3 (sorry, password protected for now)
jhendler_: all hierarchical indentation and the like is generated from RDF query results and the accompanying OWL
jhendler_: ontologies
jhendler_: the RDF Map pulls all the classes and shows instances
jhendler_: Credit to the Mindswap group and particularly the Alfords (bayta and ronwalf) and Bijan
DanC: I'd like to see "oh yeah?" buttons. 1500 bonus points if you can implement them
DanC: meanwhile, the people page is already pretty interesting. How decentralized is it?
jhendler_: relatively - if you add a new person in N3, define a type for them and make it an appropriate sublcass, it will show up
libby: specifically, I was wondering if people would mind looking at examples of Geographical location RDF
libby: if I've missed something out or some something dumb, I'd like to know :)
libby: not sure if negative longs make sense for example...
danbri: "Many people see Restaurant Recommendation as a classic SemanticWeb use case - building community around food!"
danbri: Contributors welcome (it's a Wiki page). Looking for relevant links, data sources, usage scenarios, design choices etc...
cwm is I18N happy (er.. happier, at least)
DanC: timbl fixed a bunch of stuff; DanC reviewed it (well, got the tests running)
DanC: see discussion
DanC: see ESW:AdvancedDevelopment for notes on development process.
jhendler_: this is the W3C announcement of the publications
jhendler_: includes pointers to the Last Call drafts
jhendler_: We would greatly welcome comments from the RDF IG community
AaronSw: 'Unfortunately word also leaked to the TAG (Table Advocacy Group), and they were outraged. Jim Lerners-Lee had this to say. "I hate all this newfangled crap. XHTML2, XFORMS, CSS3. It's all so complicated. Me, I like tables. Good old-fashioned tables. Especially when used with the blink tag. Safari is obviously taking a dangerous stance by dropping support for tables, since everyone knows they are the backbone of the modern Web
AaronSw: "Today, the W3C announced a new initiative to emphasize ease of implementation in specification design. 'Encouraging adoption is the most important part of making protocols useful for the future internet' said Tim Berners-Lee."
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