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last updated at 2003-04-01 23:42
DanC: incl 6 new WebOnt/OWL WDs. 5 at last call (semantics, guide, ref, features/overview, requirements), one an updated WD (test)
danbri_: <rss version="2.0">
timb|: No namespaces, let alone RDF :-(
danbri_: more context.
jhendler_: New issue of "HotDAML" newsletter
jhendler_: not yet on web, will fix link soonest
jhendler_: but it includes:
jhendler_: The official web site for the DAML program has received over ten million hits as of Friday, 28 March, 2003.
jhendler_: which is pretty amazing - 1M hits first year, 2M 6 months later, now up to 10M about year 2.5
jhendler_: can you say "exponential"?
DanC: N.B. not complete: work in progress. 25 March 2003 C. M. Sperberg-McQueen
chaalsBKK: Some RDF that describes an imagemap over an image.
chaalsBKK: from Jim Ley - referred from his image annotation stuff
chaalsBKK: also used in an image description from danbri's "PICS-NG" demo
JibberJim: SVG document which consumes the generated RDF to create a page describing the image. A talking version is also available on win32 IE.
jhendler_: see also SMORE developed at Mindswap (which has an online demo)
jhendler_: which has a photomarkup part (not sure if it is int the java webstart demo)
jhendler_: but a nice example is this one of Bonnie the orangutan at the National Zoo
DanC: "You create hiptop applications using the Danger tools and libraries provided in this SDK and a Java development system running on a personal computer."
DanC: cool... an infocom runtime
DanC: "Developer Dollars are tokens that can be traded for advice, shared code, ideas or booty."
danbri_lap: Of interest here, in context of discussing whether Wiki will work for controversial topics.
danbri_lap: I suspect XML 'versus' RDF is somewhat less heated a topic than the Iraq war. If a Wiki on the latter can work, that's interesting...
danbri_lap: (though this might be probabilistic; the change of vandalism etc. is likely higher...)
bitsko: brief positive note re. wikis and minority opinions on Wiki:DoesRefactoringHelpMinorityOpinions
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