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last updated at 2003-03-25 23:24
DanC: namespaceDocument-8 : What should a "namespace document" look like?
DanC: 1 year old today!
dajobe: if you could decide that by friday, it would be nice
DanC: of course, the issue really goes back to '99 and before.
danbri_: Used to use rdf reification vocab. Don't think it does now.
dajobe: "1.0 uses properties instead of reification"
danbri_: Hurrah!
danbri_: I was arguing against reification at the Bristol f2f, forgot what happened afterwards...
danbri_: [6.11] typeAttr ::= ' type="' URI-reference '"'
danbri_: No mention in property attributes bit of new syntax spec. Am I looking in wrong place?
dajobe: type's a special case in the grammar action for property attr/element. Look in the grammar.
danbri_: Thanks Dave :)
danbri_: See also SWAP filetree in (lags main site, by ?1hr?)
danbri_: Any clues, suggestions on making work are welcomed, here or in CwmTips Wiki
ericP: perl and SQL tool for compiling triples from a generic triple store to specialized tables.
libby: neat :))
libby: see EricP documenting it live on #rdfig :)
jhendler: US Democratic National Committee's plans to win back the White House in 2004
jhendler: appear to include use of Sem Web
jhendler: (March 4th article)
danbri_: Anyone know if they will support ad-hoc BOFs during the conference?
danbri_: I'd like to see the RDF Query discussions continue, but we don't have a formal workshop or suchlike booked for it.
danbri_: A room, network, irc logger, whiteboard... probably don't need much more...
bitsko: Does two things exceedingly well: works on SAX streams (instead of DOM), does only transforms (not a stylesheet language)
bitsko: The transformation syntax is based on XSLT, but is a little more procedurally focused since it must work in document (stream) order.
bitsko: The relevance to RDF, you ask? scraping made quick and easy.
bitsko: Aside, it also appears to fit the bill for a task I've written code for before: transforming XML into application objects.
DanC: yes, this does look nifty. earlier item 19Mar
danbri_: Is this in the 'schema annotation' space? eg. as way of generating RDF triples when patterns match...?
DanC: May 8 - Oliver Becker presents STX at XML Europe 2003
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