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last updated at 2003-03-18 20:54
danbri: "DQL - A Query Language for the Semantic Web", Fikes, R.; Hayes, P.; & Horrocks, I. DQL - A Query Language for the Semantic Web. Knowledge Systems Laboratory, 2002.
danbri: .doc file. A .htm version went to daml joint committee list (but not in archives yet)
DanC: world-writable. join the esw wiki fun!
DanC: including EARL / Image Annotations workshop and other stuff I hadn't seen
danbri: A post i just sent to annotations list. I think this may be a use for annotea vocab as a document format in the Web, rather than in context of a service protocol.
danbri: Nearby: other publications, homepage.
larsbot: My take on the relationship between topic maps and RDF
larsbot: Looks at data conversion, schema conversion, and cross-querying
larsbot: Also considers whether OWL can be used for topic maps
larsbot: Still sort-of drafty, but reasonably polished
larsbot: Comments on paper and ideas alike very much wanted
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