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last updated at 2003-03-17 23:12
DanC: more recent work: Hori 7Mar
AaronSw: "The existing Internet community lashed out at Mosaic. At a conference, Berners-Lee yelled at Andreessen, telling him that adding images to the Web was going to bring in a flood of new users who would do things like post photos of nude women."
AaronSw: It's amusing to think of WWW developers as afraid of new users. It seems SW developers have the opposite problem.
DanC: TimBL yelled at MarcA? I don't think so. it's really, really frustrating to see all these reports that timbl didn't want images in the web. to timbl, developing on a NeXT box, drag-n-drop multimedia was the norm, not the exception.
DanC: What he didn't want was images to be treated specially in HTML. He thought <a href="diagram" rel="embed">a diagram</a> was preferable to <img src="diagram">. but the NCSA guys were in too much of a hurry to code support for nested <a> elements, and the rest is history.
DanC: hmm... the details are in the www-talk archives somewhere, but I can't find it just now.
danbri: s/TIA/SemanticWeb/ ?
libby: erk, what's with the jogging?
danbri: Compiled by Team (from xml-dev thread), 01 Nov 2002.
danbri: I like Paul Prescod's account, and suspect a story about RDF's role would follow on nicely from it.
danbri: Might be worth sending this to www-rdf-interest, esp if someone had time to shepherd the discussions...
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